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  • Overview of Always Connected automation kits, supplied with FREE cloud connectivity pack. Contains information on product models, kit contents and kit codes.

  • The ZLX24 brochure contains all of the information you need about the most advanced 24V swing gate motor control panel on the market. Explore the limitless features and capabilities.

  • Thorough overview the GT4 and GT8 CAME Barriers. The brochure includes product features, technical specification, codes, prices, supporting accessories and kits.

  • Extensive overview of the ATS telescopic swing gate operator. Covers product features, technical specification, codes, pricing, supporting accessories and kits.

  • With no compromises on quality, reliability, functionality and cloud connectivity, the BXV Plus now represents the new benchmark in residential sliding gate motors.

  • Full technical overview of the BKV commercial sliding gate operator. Includes BKV's features, technical specification, codes, pricing, supporting accessories and kits.

  • Covers elements and technical information of the VER Garage Door operator. Outlines product features, technical specification, codes, pricing, supporting accessories and kits.

  • Overview of the LZR safety sensors for automation equipment. Explores features, technical specification, codes, prices, supporting accessories and kits.

  • A brochure that will revolutionise your business operations. Discover everything Connect 2.0 has to offer, from installation advantages to end-user benefits.

  • Explore the extensive range of safety edges available for a range of installations. This brochure includes product features, specifications, dimensions, codes and pricing.

  • Discover our exciting range of WiFi video calling intercom kits. Find out about product features, app connectivity, installation examples, kit codes, pricing, and potential accessories.

  • Explore the various CAME BPT systems and their installation details. Brochure includes product features, installation examples, system integrations, and bespoking options.

  • The perfect complementary brochure to the Video Entry Systems Catalogue. Full intercom price list encompassing products, codes, descriptions, and net prices.

  • Comprehensive list of all modular Audio Entry Systems & Kits. Includes kit contents, modular options, descriptions, product codes and pricing.

  • Choosing your CAME BPT intercom kit is even easier. Includes kit overview, module configuration, product code, pricing, and technical specifications.

  • Product feature brochure for the XTS. Find out why the XTS is one of the greatest video intercom receivers on the market.

  • Product feature brochure for the XVP. Discover what the XVP has to offer in terms of luxury design and functionality.

  • Explore CAME BPT Entry Systems, from external entry panels to internal intercom receivers. Discover the variations between models and the functionality they deliver.

  • Overview of vandal resistant VRM & VRW modular entry systems. Discover variations between models as well as the exceptional flexibility of modular components.

  • LHS is the ideal video entry panel for single homes or small apartment blocks, using the X1 system, with the option of 1 to 4 call buttons.

  • PLX is the brand new range of hands-free audio/video entry receivers with a high performance speaker that provides clear, crisp audio.

  • Explore the range of touchless door entry panels. Find out about product features, technical specifications, bespoking options, product codes, and pricing.

  • The Access Portal system provides a variety of options for small businesses, through to multi-site enterprises. Discover each solution and understand their capabilities.

  • Discover a variety of products, codes and specifications for the complete CAME OZAK speed gate range. Pricing can be found in the CAME OZAK price list.

  • An impressive and extensive range of turnstile are available through the CAME group. CAME and CAME OZAK provide both full height and waist height turnstiles.

  • CAME can offer a wide range of heavy duty road blockers that will complement our growing range of road barriers.

  • Discover our bollard collection, which includes the formidable CAME URBACO bollards and the more economical CAME OZAK bollards.

  • Kit codes & prices corresponding to the products featured in: The Speed Gates Catalogue, The Turnstiles Catalogue, The Road Blockers Catalogue, The Bollard Catalogue.

  • Explore the range of retractable, automatic and fixed Fadini bollards. Supplied in the UK by CAME BPT. Learn about product functionality and technical specifications.